Motwane LR2045 Micro Ohm Meter


Motwane LR2045 Micro Ohm Meter

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  • 41/2 digit LED display
  • Resolution 0.1 micro-ohm on 2 milli-ohm range
  • RS 232 PC Interface
  • True 4-wire resistance measuring technique eliminates lead resistance errors inherent in 2 wire systems
  • Pulse mode operation
  • Pulse mode operation, for protecting heat sensitive devices
  • Data Logging possible with RS232 interface
  • Soft touch keys for smoother operation
  • Cheap & portable

Applications :

  • Switches and Relay contacts.
  • LT busbar and cable joints.
  • Aircraft frame bonds and static control circuits.
  • Integrity of welded joints . Quality control of resistive components.
  • Rail and pipe bonds. Shunt and fuse resistance.
  • Graphite electrodes and other composites.
  • Wires and cables resistance. Lightning conductor bonding
  • PCB