Rishabh Rish clamp 400A Digital Power Clamp Meter


Rishabh Rish clamp 400A Digital Power Clamp Meter

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Rishabh Digital Power Clamp Meter

RISH Clamp POWER measures, calculate and displays important electrical parameters of the single phase or three phase power system. It also features Resistance, continuity, diode and noncontact voltage detection.

Key features :

  • Rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at physically awkward positions, vertical bus bars, conductors placed at positions difficult to access
  • Clamp jaws can be opened or closed with the trigger placed at the bottom side away from the jaws. This allows the user to place his/her hand at safer distance from live conductor
  • The comfortable operation of push buttons and function selector switch, in adverse field conditions.
  • Large Jaw Opening
  • Inrush Current Measurement
  • Data Hold Functions 
  • Min , Max Functions 
  • It is possible to conduct measurement using the clamp meter during poor light condition with the help of bright white lightBacklit.
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • Three Phase Power Measurement
  • Dual Display
  • LPF Mode
  • True RMS Measurement
  • Auto Power Off 
  • Continuous On Mode
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • IP 20 Protection from Dust and Water

Parameter Measurement : 

  • AC & DC Voltageupto1000V
  • AC & DC Current up to 1000A/400 A
  • Inrush/Peak Value Measurement
  • Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power
  • Horse Power Measurement
  • kWh
  • Measure up to 49th Harmonics
  • Phase Angle
  • THD
  • DF
  • Power Factor
  • Crest Factor
  • LPF Mode for VFD Application