Ampere Plus A12SMU 12V Solar Inverter Charger (Single Battery)

Ampere Plus A12SMU 12V Solar Inverter Charger (Single Battery)

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  • Solar Inverter Charger can convert your simple inverter into Solar PCU. Solar Inverter Charger ensures priority usage of solar power to reduce grid consumption
  • Solar Inverter Charger could charge battery automatically from photovoltaic system. The charging process has been optimized for long battery life.

Special Features :

  • Charges Inverter battery with solar power.
  • Once battery is charged, load will run on solar power even in presence of grid supply

Functional Description :

  • In Morning Time :When Solar with low intensity is available and grid supply is present then system will use Maximum available power from Solar Panel but incase Solar Power is unable to sustain load then it will charge the battery by both solar Panel and Mains and Load will be on Main till the Battery is fully charged.
  • In Day time Condition : The system will give the priority to solar power and will use Grid power only when Solar Power will be insufficient to sustain load. When battery gets fully charged during daytime it will automatically CUT- OFF the Mains supply and Now load will run by solar power  through the inverter.
  • In Evening Time : When Solar power decreases to insufficient value, then system will be shifted to Grid and will work as Normal inverter during Night Time

Technical Specifications:

Solar Current Max: 20A

Solar Voltage Max : 22V

Package Includes

  1. 500 Watt Solar Panel 
  2.  Charge Controller
  3.  Mounting structure
  4. 20 m Wire
  5. Installation Kit \