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Havells 630A 3P ACB Fixed Electrical 50kA IPR E

Havells 630A 3P ACB Fixed Electrical 50kA IPR E

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Specifications for IPR-E

LTD Current (I1) : 55% to 100% of ICT rating.
LTD Time : 5 Sec. fixed at 6In inverse time characteristics.
INST Current : Fixed at 6 In.



IPR range of over current releases (OCR) provided in Titania breakers are highly- reliable, multifunctional, dedicated protection unit using advanced micro-controller with full benefits of microprocessor technology offering Overload, Short Circuit, Instantaneous and earth fault protection besides enhanced feature of field testing for all models.

These releases are true RMS sensing over current trip devices, requiring no external supply for their basic functioning.

Salient features include :

  • Error free and user friendly settings of current and time delay
  • True RMS sensing with immunity to system disturbances
  • More Reliable and repetitive accuracy, using high end 16 bit micro-controller
  • Self powered by built in Current Transformer
  • Three phase protection and Earth fault protection in same unit
  • LED Indication for all the tripping faults
  • Function ‘OFF’, setting available
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